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A Simple Tool To Scale Your Systems

Key Takeaway: Documenting your company's processes with clear and easy-to-follow snapshots of each step using a simple tool like Scribe (see link below) can increase efficiency, productivity, and company value.

Let's cut to the chase... if you don’t document the systems and processes in your business, you’re increasing inefficiencies, wasting opportunities to scale the company, and limiting its value when you exit.

Many would look at the task of detailing the steps to each process in the business as tedious, time-consuming, and frustrating.

This tool changes that…

I was recently creating a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for how we upload podcasts, create show notes, and add custom artwork for each episode.

Literally, in about the time it took me to complete the action (with a couple of added sentences to the steps), the process was documented and our team successfully used it to complete the task.


What’s the tool?

It’s called Scribe (here’s the link – #AD )

Here’s how to get started creating those SOPs – so you can have systems that scale instead of unwritten systems that keep you stuck.


#1 – Create Your FREE Account (it’s super easy)

While you can get started with a free account, the added features (like customizing screenshots) and the ability to use it for processes on your desktop or mobile app are worth the upgrade to Scribe Pro.

Trust us, the saved time and increased value to the business are worth it!


#2 – Download the Google Chrome Extension

With a click of a button, you can add the extension to your browser for easy and convenient use whenever you or your team are ready to create an SOP.

#3 – Start a Screen Capture

In Scribe, you can click “Capture a Scribeat the center of the screen or the purple “+ New” button at the top to begin documenting the process.

#4 – Complete the Task Like You Normally Do

Once you turn on Scribe’s screenshot capture, it AUTOMATICALLY:

·      Takes a snapshot of what you’re doing,

·      Describes what you did,

·      Highlights where you click (so people can follow along with the visuals), and

·      Even includes necessary links for the websites you’re using.

You can even pause the screenshot captures if necessary and turn them back on without messing up the workflow.

#5 – Download and Share the SOP

When you’ve finished the task, check the workflow and make any necessary tweaks.

Simply download the document and make it available to access as needed.


Seriously, that’s it.

Scribe is a simple tool that could really help your team by:

·      Increasing efficiency so they don’t have to reinvent the wheel each time they do the task

·      Reducing the risk that the task won’t get done on time if someone is sick or gone

·      Increasing the value of your company when you exit by having systems and processes in place with capable teams to run them


This is what we call structural capital – which we’ll be talking about on the podcast soon (make sure to follow so you never miss an episode).

Create your account using this link to Scribe (CLICK HERE) so you can start documenting your own systems and processes today.


DISCLAIMER: We are an affiliate of this product – meaning the company gives us a % of the sale in exchange for recommending something we love! All you need to do is use the link above.

Thank you – you’re the best!

Keep Scaling!

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