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Why You Need "The Family Office"

Key Takeaway:

You need a team of experts -- a “Family Office” -- working in sync to help you accomplish your goals in their areas of expertise, from the legal, financial, tax, and other perspectives represented.

picture of a board room table and chairs with the heading "The Family Office"

For over a decade, I’ve served on the Board of Trustees for a Christian university in Wisconsin. Board members use their expertise to understand the university's needs, provide advice, and make decisions for the good of the current and future administration, faculty, staff, and students.

For years now, the ultra-wealthy have used a similar concept to bring together a team of experts to help advise their personal, financial, and business interests.

This “Family Office” is no longer just for those whose net worth is $100+ Million. We’ve created the one-stop shop, bringing together the necessary experts to provide you with the information and service you need so you can win at work and life.

A circle labeled "The Family Office" surrounded by the roles "Financial Advisor," "Tax Planner," "Mortgage Planner," "M&A Specialist," "M&A Attorney," and "Trust Attorney"

Who’s Part of “The Family Office” Model?

Tax Planners ­– You don’t just want a tax professional who’s thinking about your taxes for the current year… You want someone who is also thinking about the impact of future taxes and making strategic (legal) moves to properly position you to keep more of your money.

Mortgage Planners Similar to your tax planner, the mortgage planner optimizes your mortgage and equity to benefit your financial plan. Anyone can process a loan, but a true mortgage planner is going to be forward-thinking about your real estate investments.

Attorneys – As a business owner, you’ll need legal expertise for exiting the business and protecting your legacy. In addition to those attorneys who specialize in M&A Transactions to navigate the complexities of your business exit, Trust or Estate attorneys are there to understand your situation and determine how to accomplish your legacy goals.

Financial Advisors – A Financial Advisor helps you develop a holistic financial plan while you’re working and helps you reduce risk and increase retirement income as you transition to the next great chapter of your life.

It’s not enough just to create wealth. It needs to be preserved as well.

Mergers and Acquisitions Teams – As a business owner, having a team to help you understand your business’s value, navigate you through the process scale with the end in mind, and negotiate deals for you is vital to get top-dollar and not drop the ball on those important transition details.

Why Do You Need “The Family Office” Model?

The problem with traditional financial and business planning is that the experts do not work in sync toward the individual’s goals.

The attorneys are doing their own thing…

The Mortgage professionals are doing their own thing…

The M&A Experts are doing their own thing...

But none of them are really working in collaboration with one another for the good of the client.

That’s why The Family Office model has been so successful for the wealthy. It’s brought the necessary experts together, working in concert to accomplish the goals of the holistic personal, financial, and business plans.

We think you deserve that kind of world-class service as well.

That’s why we’ve brought together the experts for a one-stop shop that’s designed to serve your personal and business interests.

No more having to sift the good from the bad or having to build an Exit Team on your own.

We’ve done the heavy lifting so you can focus your attention where you need to – on your life.

See how The Family Office model can help you TODAY!

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Meet the teams we’ve assembled to help you take your business and life to the next level! Book your no-obligation Discovery Call to see what the team can do for you.


Keep Scaling!

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