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Leveraging Your Email List

Key Takeaway: Leveraging your email list is an essential way to build relationships, stay in contact, and scale your business.

If you’re not engaging your email list of prospects and clients with valuable content, nurturing them to act, your competitor is.

With the flood of emails sent and received every day, it can be easy to downplay its importance (“Won’t it just get deleted?”).

But the data says differently…

Email marketing has an average 3600% return

Yes, you read that right. According to the Litmus Research Center, “For every $1 marketers spend on email marketing, they receive $36 in return.” (“The ROI of Email Marketing,” 2022)

Whether you’re starting your email marketing from scratch, or you just need to be more consistent, here are the steps for getting your list up to speed and making you money!


#1 – Set Up Your Email Service Provider

Your Email Service Provider (ESP) is how you’ll send out a mass email to your big (and growing) list of prospects and clients. Trust me, don’t try sending it through your Outlook account!

We use ConvertKit for its easy set-up, automations and sequences, and helpful features like countdown timers to encourage action and increase conversion.

Click the link for ConvertKit to get started ( (#AD – we’ll get a small referral fee from the company for recommending what we use).


#2 – Determine What Content You Want to Send

Whether it’s a weekly newsletter related to your business that adds value or a special sale going on that your email list needs to know about, be consistent.

Here are some examples to get your creativity going:

·      Financial Advisor – a weekly email explaining financial terms, sharing retirement planning tips, giving market updates, or inviting them to join an online masterclass with industry experts.

·      Interior Designer – a monthly update with design ideas, trending color pallets, and the latest organizational must-haves that inspire “what could be” for those who want a done-for-you approach.

·      Real Estate – a weekly or bi-weekly newsletter with market trends, what renovations or refreshes will give sellers the most bang for their buck, and recent listings that encourage buyers and sellers alike to start the process.

·      Restaurant – an email with current specials, seasonal menu options, or tips for hosting a party with catering options to allow the host/hostess to enjoy the event without worrying about the food.


#3 Brainstorm Potential Topics

Start brainstorming potential topics. Consider the following:

·      What questions do you get asked frequently?

·      What information or tips could you share that would encourage someone to buy?

·      What are objections someone might need to overcome to purchase?

·      Use ChatGPT or other AI platform to brainstorm potential topics and ideas


#4 – Create the Content

Once you’ve determined the topic, start creating the content for that email.

This includes:

  • The Subject Line – VERY IMPORTANT! This is what hooks the reader and stops them from scrolling through their email.

  • The Body – The main message and value you are sharing

  • The Call to Action – Is there something specific they should do? (Register, add an item to the cart, book an appointment, etc.)

Next, hire someone from sites like Upwork or Fiverr to create the necessary graphics or use a free site (with paid upgrade options) like Canva to do it yourself (or perhaps someone on your team is good at design!)

I recommend batching your content (creating multiple emails during the same block of time to help your productivity). You can knock out multiple emails at once and just release them on schedule.

#5 – Send it!

Add the content to ConvertKit (or other ESP) and schedule it to be sent.

Look at the open rates and see if adjusting the time increases or decreases response.

Set up for Email Service Provider (click HERE to access our ConvertKit affiliate link), and start sending your weekly/monthly content to engage your audience and grow your business.


Keep Scaling!

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