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5-Minute Meeting Makeover - Part 1

Key Takeaway: Before scheduling a meeting that wastes time + money, kills productivity, and destroys team morale, ask, “Can this meeting be an email instead?”

5-Minute Meeting Makeover

We’re kicking off our first Business Builder Thursday (BBT) series with an area that needs A LOT of help – meetings…

(Insert the collective groan of the masses).

Done well, a work meeting can bring alignment among teams towards an important goal, determine the progress and next steps for key action items, or brainstorm solutions to overcome an obstacle.

But the problem is – most meetings suck. There, we said it. That’s because poorly planned meetings waste time and money, kill productivity, and destroy team morale.

💵 ⏰ Bad Meetings Waste Time + Money

Most meetings are a waste of time and money because they include people who don’t need to be there and contain vague agendas and follow-ups that accomplish little.

Bad Meetings Kill Productivity

It’s not uncommon to have back-to-back-to-back meetings. Instead of moving the needle forward in your business, you’re stuck in (often) pointless meetings that aren’t very productive.

😫 Bad Meetings Destroy Team Morale

One key frustration of employees is the constant onslaught of unnecessary and ineffective meetings. Sitting together in a conference room or Zoom meeting and accomplishing little to nothing doesn’t motivate our teams to accomplish the mission.


So how can you have a meeting that MAKES you money?

👉Start by asking this question: Can this meeting be an email instead? (Feel free to insert another form of written or recorded communication like Slack if that’s your company procedure.)

By asking this question first, you start to recognize that meetings aren’t the only way to communicate information. There are many ways to communicate and distribute information that don’t require interrupting workflows and accomplishing little.

You could save yourself and your team time and money by eliminating an unnecessary meeting.

When your answer to the question is “no” and you do need a meeting, we’ve got a system for meetings that can help you avoid frustration and accomplish meaningful work.

Week 1 - Eliminate Unnecessary Meetings; Week 2 - Plan Profitable Meetings; Week 3 - Select the Right Meetings

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll continue with the 5-Minute Meeting Makeovers. While a poorly planned meeting can be wasteful, unproductive, and frustrating, a properly planned meeting can MAKE YOU MONEY!

Action Item - with white Scale to Sell mountain overtop a blue mountain background

Before you schedule a meeting, ask yourself if there’s a better, less disruptive way to disseminate information or accomplish the task.


Keep Scaling!


Steve and Adam

(The father/son duo behind the Scale to Sell podcast)

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